LETTERS: Dollar stores aren't the problem in Palm Coast

Also in Letters to the Editor: Prayer at government meetings is needlessly divisive.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. March 13, 2020
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Dollar stores aren't the problem in Palm Coast

Dear Editor:

I disagree with Mayor Holland about dollar stores crowding out healthy stores. Publix keeps building stores here in Flagler, and guess who is paying for them? 

Their prices have skyrocketed over the past years; at least the dollar stores help people afford certain items at reasonable prices. You cannot get everything there, but it helps lower expenses for certain individuals.

While I’m at it, why does she not ask for a moratorium for fast foods, especially with her fitness push? Fast food places keep popping up more so than dollar stores, and they are totally not healthy.

This city will soon be known as a fast food mecca, and they are not the best for your health.

Start working on bringing major restaurants here. They are missing.

Stan Dunayer 

Palm Coast


Prayer at government meetings is divisive

Dear Editor:

In last week's Palm Coast Observer, Ed Danko, a candidate for City Council, proclaimed (in soapbox style) his intention to institute prayer in council meetings if elected.

Why would Danko opt to perpetuate the divisiveness, controversy and legal concerns involving prayer in government meetings when we have just been down that road with the School Board and the county commission?

In his longtime eagerness to enter politics, has the prayer issue become an attention-getting move... and will this and other moves be made with little or no regard for a cautious, measured and inclusive approach? 

We need non-zealous folks in public office without a hunger for power.

Bob Gordon

Palm Coast 


If Cameron wants to stay county administrator, he should move to Flagler

Dear Editor:

I would like to know why Jerry Cameron feels he is special and above Florida state law residency requirements. Flagler County attorney Al Hadeed informed the Commissioners in the March 2 meeting of the board that Jerry Cameron's "interim" title should be changed to "acting" since he has been on the job for over one year.

I believe that Jerry Cameron should be given a 120-day notice to move into Flagler County, and if he fails to do so, his employment should be terminated. He has lived in St. Johns County from the day he was hired as a interim county administrator in February 2019. For over 13 months, his sizable paycheck has been paid by Flagler County taxpayers.

I'm not questioning his job performance. I believe that the Florida state law residency requirements apply to all 67 counties in Florida, and not 66 counties. I'm Bob Jones, running for county commissioner, District 5.

Bob Jones

Palm Coast


Council members shouldn't have to pay for work-related meals and travel

Dear Editor:
I strongly disagree with mayoral candidate John Brady’s Letter to the Editor, “Council members' behavior,” stating that, in his opinion, council members and city employees should pay for their own event dinners.

Brady fails to note that, when council members are attending functions like a Chamber of Commerce dinner or any other business or governmental luncheon or dinner, those folks are there to represent me and my fellow citizens of Palm Coast. They are not there for their own personal benefit.

Even though such events are often outside normal business hours, they are still expected to be “on the job,” and so the city should pay their expenses, including meals and mileage. 

Additionally, a “meal” costing $95 is not a meal; it is a fund-raiser. I suspect that most of our City Council and employees are not rich folks, and they are not overpaid.

I, for one, appreciate the fact that they take their time to represent me at this or any similarly important function, and I’m glad to help pay their expenses to do so.
Bill Lyon
Palm Coast


Fearmongering mars discussion of Matanzas development

Recently, there was a meeting of L-Section residents, and I stood up as one of the voices that wasn’t completely against this project.

I’m absolutely supportive of my neighbors’ concerns, but I’m really concerned about the fearmongering and misinformation that has been going around the neighborhood. People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. 
In my area, a lot of my neighbors are concerned about their backyard views, but the current plan expands the current bodies of water.

A lake is attractive, and I can live with being able to see a home on the other side of that lake. I also don’t believe adding a lake is going to ruin anyone’s property values. Water is water.

Maybe some of my neighbors don’t share my opinion, but I resent all of the misrepresentations going around. 
I’ve been around developments and projects like this for a long time, and I firmly believe in a landowner’s right to build on the property that he owns as long as the proper zoning is in place.

The question is not whether or not the developer can build in the L-Section, but whether or not he’s willing to work with residents to respect their needs as well, and this developer has been willing to work with us.

Pete Kennedy

Palm Coast

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