This week in letters: police tactics, Bings Landing

Here's what your neighbors are talking about in Flagler County.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. June 4, 2020
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Changes needed in law enforcement

Dear Editor:

What happened in Minneapolis to George Floyd should have never happened. I am saddened by the actions of the officers in the video and also aware of the tremendous amount of anger, fear and hurt surrounding his murder in broad daylight.

It is unconscionable for anyone to unlawfully take another life. As law enforcement professionals, we are tasked with protecting the public’s life, liberty and property. With such a task, we are trained in various areas as initial law enforcement recruits and continually throughout our career to ensure that we are aware of changing conditions and circumstances in our community; thereby reinforcing our oath of office.

This incident alone shows that not only did these officers fail as law enforcement professionals but as citizens and human beings of this great country.

My prayers are with the Floyd family and the city of Minneapolis and the citizens of Flagler County.

It is my prayer that we find an amicable and swift solution to the unjust practices and tactics depriving the minority communities around our nation; as sheriff my mission is to break barriers, and build futures.

Larry Jones

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: Larry Jones is a candidate for Flagler County sheriff in 2020.


Government should stay out of the for-profit world

Dear Editor:

The recent County Commission meeting regarding the Flagler County v. Captain’s BBQ settlement is a perfect framing of why government should never operate in the for-profit world with our tax dollars.

For starters, Commissioners Dave Sullivan, Greg Hansen and Nate McLaughlin were the three votes that made the violation of our parklands, all in the last hours of McLaughlin's term. All of us who had high hopes to save our park wanted to believe that these commissioners would not take a deciding vote on a long-term county lease with a commissioner who had just been voted out by the Flagler voters 13 days prior!

These political failures subsequently doomed us to two years of “yeoman's work,” recently lauded by Commissioner Hansen.

Will the 2020 voters allow history to repeat?

Dennis McDonald

Flagler County


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