Woman reports that armed man entered her home, threatened her, stole phone

The man was wearing a ski mask and gloves, the victim told deputies.

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An armed man knocked on the door of a Palm Coast woman's home, pushed his way inside when she opened it, then robbed her, the woman told Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies. 

The victim, 60, said she had been asleep in her home on Beachway Drive when she heard someone knocking on the front door at about 1 a.m. April 24. She went to see who was there, thinking it must be law enforcement, according to a deputy's case report.

The woman couldn't see anyone when she looked out a window, so she cracked the door open just enough to see outside, according to the report.

As the door opened, a man wearing a black ski mask and gloves, and holding a gun and a flashlight, pushed his way inside as she tried to push him back out the door, she said. 

The woman yelled, “What do you want?” and the man replied, "Your money and credit cards,” the woman recounted to deputies.

The woman ran into the kitchen and lay down on the floor, holding her purse. She tried to grab her cell phone, but the man snatched it away from her, she said.

She ran out the back door of the house, yelling for help. She went to a neighbor's house, then called law enforcement.

She returned after deputies cleared the house. She told deputies that the only thing missing was her cell phone.

A deputy noted two black zip ties on the ground outside the front door, and collected them as evidence. The deputy noted in the case report that it was not known whether they were related to the robbery.



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