Local government is best? Why are we not being asked what we want?

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  • | 10:46 a.m. April 18, 2017
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Dear Editor:

In the Observer’s view, as presented in the April 13 edition, you wrote: "If you gave the citizens a vote on which level of government is best for decision making at the local level, it's a safe bet that nearly 100% would say government closest to the people is best." This a statement about the vacation rental regulations.

Maybe if you live in Sarasota, but time and time again the elected officials in Palm Coast (who have changed over the years) either put local issues out to vote (rare) or put it out to a vote and then ignored the voting of the electorate and went on to do whatever they wanted to do regardless of what the people voted on, e.g., the City Hall in Town Center to the tune of  $6.6 million, or the horribly delayed Holland Park to the tune of $3,425, or the now $7.83 million Palm Coast Community Center project, which were not brought to the public for a vote.

If not wasteful, it is not a forthright or transparent way of conducting local government affairs.

Bob St. Clair

Palm Coast


You missed a good April Fool’s Day headline

Dear Editor:

Great April Fool’s Day cover. You missed a good one, though: “Holland Park to open next week.” Oh well, maybe you can use it next year.

Maria Menendez

Palm Coast


State bill would repeal no fault/personal injury protection

Dear Editor:

I understand there is a bill going through regarding repeal of no fault/personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in auto policies?

I retired as an insurance agent and saw the many benefits of PIP. Folks were able to have their ongoing medicals bills paid by their own auto insurer via PIP coverage with nothing out-of-pocket.

Clients were seeing therapists/doctors for treatments, etc., for many months. If they had to pay a co-pay out of pocket each time, they would have gone broke. The PIP/medical pay stepped in on their behalf up to the policy limit.

The only people who will reap a benefit if there is repeal of PIP is attorneys. If it's a bill created and presented by those attorneys, it is not in the citizens’ best interest.

Please keep no-fault/PIP!

Gary M. Owens

Palm Coast



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