COPS CORNER: Thief burglarizes homes, steals laptop, costume jewelry

Also in Cops Corner: Teen's car keyed at Indian Trails Sports Complex

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Nov. 6

Thief burglarizes homes, steals laptop, costume jewelry

11:55 a.m. First block of Twisted Oak Place. Burglary: A 65-year-old woman spent the morning away from home, then returned home to find her home burglarized and a Macbook Air, a checkbook and debit card and about $500 in costume jewelry missing. The back door leading to the house's patio had been smashed in, and the thief or thieves had left three bedrooms in disarray, with drawers opened and clothes thrown all over the floor. Deputies canvassed the area, and a neighbor said they'd seen a maroon car pull into the driveway that morning. The car matched a car driven by suspects in the burglary of another home, on Bickshire Lane, the same day. In than case, the thieves smashed the home's sliding door and stole about $50 in costume jewelry. The maroon car was 

Teen's car keyed at Indian Trails Sports Complex

7:24 p.m. First block of Lamour Lane. Criminal mischief: A Palm Coast mom walked outside one morning and saw that someone had keyed up the custom paint job on her 18-year-old son's 1995 Chevy S-10 pickup. There was a long key mark extending from the door handle on the passenger side of the truck all the way back to the tail light. The young man told a deputy he believed the damage happened while the truck was parked near the soccer fields at the Indian Trail Sports Complex. The teen talked to his friends the next day, and one of them said he knew a youth who'd said he'd keyed the 18-year-old's car. That witness said the same thing to a deputy who interviewed him later, saying that another young man had said he'd keyed the victim's car with a pocket knife because he didn't like him. Deputies are investigating.

Nov. 3

Getting pumped

12 p.m. Laurel Avenue, Bunnell. Larceny A man told deputies that someone stole the motor for a well water pump in his yard. The pump had lest been seen operational Nov. 1; by noon Nov 3, it wasn't working. The victim said the pump was worth about $200.

Nov. 2

No, this purse isn't for rent

4:49 p.m. Bradmore Lane. Burglary: A woman told deputies that as she got out of her car after driving home, a male approached her and asked about rental properties, then reached into her open car door and grabbed her purse. The thief then ran to his car and sped off, heading north on Bradmore Lane. The woman waited half an hour before calling police and said she wasn't sure what color the thief's car was, but gave deputies a tag number. She said her purse contained a gold wedding ring with diamonds, a white pearl necklace, pearl earrings and emerald earrings as well as her driver's license, credit card and a spare key to her car.

Cell-phone-separation anxiety?

6:09 p.m. Birchwood Drive. Domestic disturbance: A woman told deputies she told one of her daughters to take the other daughter's cellphone, because the daughter with the cellphone had been misusing it. The cell phone-owning daughter kicked at the daughter tasked with taking the phone, then locked herself in a bathroom, climbed out a window and hid down the street until deputies found her. No one wanted to file any charges. 

Invitation to theft

8:26 a.m. U.S. 1 South, Palm Coast. Car burglary: A woman contacted the Sheriff's Office and said that on Thursday, Oct. 29, someone stole a bank bag form her unlocked car. A surveillance video showed the thief. The woman said the bag held about $70 in cash, $85 in checks and a checkbook. She had her bank cancel the account.

Nov. 1

When the gun case doesn't help

11:24 a.m. Sentry Oak Place, Palm Coast. Burglary: A thief broke into a home sometime between 9 p.m. Oct. 31 and 10:30 Nov. 1 and stole five shotguns from a gun case. The victim found his rear sliding door open. Deputies canvassed the neighborhood but didn't find anything suspicious.



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