Man threatens girlfriend with sword, hatchet

Charles Nicholas Meyers. (Photo courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.)
Charles Nicholas Meyers. (Photo courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.)
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A 28-year-old Palm Coast man threatened his girlfriend with a 4.5-foot sword — at one point swinging it into a banister, gouging the wood — after the two had an argument at about midnight, March 22, according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

When a deputy arrived at the house, a witness came out and said the girlfriend was hiding in the house’s master bathroom and that the man, Charles Nicholas Meyers, “had calmed down and was in his bedroom,” according to the deputy’s report.

Additional deputies arrived and got Meyers out of the house, then secured him.
His girlfriend told a deputy that the couple had been out drinking at The Black Cloud when Meyers got drunk and became aggressive.

The girlfriend asked the witness to go home with them in case there was an issue. She agreed and drove them home, and Meyers yelled at the girlfriend in the car.

When they got to the house, the two women went into the living room and Meyers went into his bedroom, then “exited his bedroom wielding a sword, with an approximately 4.5-foot blade, above his head, and started to walk towards (the girlfriend) while talking to her aggressively,” a deputy wrote in the report, summarizing the girlfriend’s statement.

The witness then stepped in front of Meyers, according to the report, and “he rested the back (dull) edge of the sword on her shoulder.”

She told him to put the sword away and calm down. He “then removed the sword form her shoulder and struck the banister, which was approximately two feet from her, with enough force as to leave a noticeable gouge.”

Meyers returned to his room with the sword, and the two women went into another bedroom and locked the door. Meyers tried to open it, and “’leaned’ against it several times,” according to the report.

The women told him they’d call 911. He disconnected the base to the cordless house phone.
He leaned on the door again, then began “sliding the blades to a double-edged battle style hatchet under the door,” according to the report.

The girlfriend locked herself in the master bathroom and called 911 while the other woman stayed in the room.

Then Meyers kicked in the bedroom door.

The girlfriend told the deputy that she knew Meyers “had successfully gained entry into the bedroom but did not know what was being said and she was too scared to pay attention.”

She stayed inside the room and on the line with the 911 operator until deputies arrived.

The witness told deputies that when Meyers broke into the bedroom, “he told her to leave and that he is not after her,” but wanted to kill his girlfriend.

The witness “talked with him in reference to his children and upon him calming down she gained possession of the weapon,” according to the report.

The witness stayed there until deputies arrived.

They arrested Meyers on a charge of aggravated assault domestic violence and took him to the county jail. He was released on $2,500 bond.



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