New recycling bins coming to driveways this week

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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 23, 2012
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Waste Pro will deliver new recycling bins on residential driveways this week.

The new recycling bins will contain a computer chip/bar code that will identify your residential address. Each time the collector stops at the home to pick up the recyclables, an electronic device on the truck will read the bar code and give credits for recycling on that specific day.

Credits will earn the resident a spot in the city’s new rewards program for valuable discounts at local businesses and qualify them for quarterly drawings for prizes. The more often they recycle, the larger the reward.

The rewards program is part of the new waste-hauling contract Palm Coast and Waste Pro agreed to earlier this year. With the new contract, garbage bills will drop from $20.30/month to $18.77/month.

Important points to remember are as follows:
-Your new recycle rewards bin should be your PRIMARY bin; you may still use original bins for additional recycling. However, if you want to be included in the rewards program, you must use your bin with computer bar code.

- Your new bin contains a packet of information for you to read. Waste Pro will also mail updates to you during the month of June.

- Once you recycle with your new bin, you will automatically be enrolled in the new rewards program. To create your own account for viewing coupons, updating your point status, tracking your eligibility and redeeming awards, go to, enter your address and account code located on your recycle bin. You can also speak with a rewards program representative by calling 1-888-234-8211.

For additional questions regarding bins and recycling, please call Palm Coast’s customer service department at 986-2360. Waste Pro can be reached directly at 586-0800.



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