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+ Underwear hanging out is not appropriate for school
Dear Editor:
School uniforms would not be an issue if parents saw to it that their children dressed in an appropriate and decent manner before they left the house for school.

Common sense should tell you underwear hanging out and shorts, skirts and tops leaving nothing to the imagination are not appropriate for school.

So if common sense prevailed and parents took control of their kids’ behavior, uniforms would not be the subject.

Don Farron
Palm Coast

+ Red lights help prevent T-bone accidents in Palm Coast
Dear Editor:
With regard to red light cameras, I am for anything that will prevent an accident caused by someone who won’t take a few extra seconds to obey the law and stop. One day they will T-bone someone, and then it will be too late to be sorry.

I would like to suggest maybe there is a way to make the green light blink a few seconds before turning yellow. That might help these few to anticipate stopping instead of running the red light.

Duwayne A. Klapper
Palm Coast

+ Government should outsource everything it can; smaller is better
Dear Editor:
Taking a course in Economics 101 should be a requirement for all city, county, state and federal officials. Our cities and county have increased our tax rates so they can continue spending money on things we don’t need and usually don’t want.

An article in the Palm Coast Observer reported that Palm Coast is considering turning the city landscaping maintenance services over to city crews. Currently, a private company charges $460,200 for that service. The officials estimated they could save $50,000 by having city workers do that job.

How many new workers would they have to hire? How many sick days and vacation days would they have to pay? How much would the benefits packages cost? When that first hired worker retires, paying his pension or other benefits would soon use up that entire $50,000 savings; and that is just for one worker.

If our officials would stop buying property, building parks, making bike paths and building bridges and sidewalks to nowhere, there wouldn’t be as much maintenance and landscaping needed. We need to elect officials that really know how to save money and will stop raising our tax rates. They should also know when a savings isn’t really a savings.

Any government service that can be outsourced should be. It is never economical to be responsible for people’s needs after they are no longer providing a service. With outsourcing to private companies, the taxpayers’ responsibility ends when the employee’s service ends. That is always a savings.

Jean Sbertoli
Flagler Beach

+ Scenic Byways editorial spurred reader to send email to Mica
Dear Editor:
Thank you for the article in the Feb. 11 issue of the Palm Coast Observer titled “Save Florida’s Scenic Byways program.”

I am an avid supporter of the Scenic Byways programs at both a federal and state level. I drive more than 20,000 miles a year, many of them on those beautiful roads, and will re-route a trip whenever possible to take advantage of scenic byways.

I have emailed U.S. Rep. John Mica, asking that he delete the line in his transportation bill that abolishes the Scenic Byways program, and I want to thank you and the Heritage Crossroads group for alerting Palm Coast residents to this potentially egregious error by Mica and for publishing his contact information.

Sue Miller
Palm Coast



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