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+ Netts has been a good mayor; he is responsive to the people
Dear Editor:
I am not sure what Linda Hansen’s problem is with Mayor Jon Netts, but I do know he is genuinely concerned and dedicated to the city and its residents.

I have had a number of occasions during which I called on the mayor in person or by email and have received immediate results in responding to and resolving the problem almost immediately.

In addition, he has always responded back (even on weekends or evenings) within a very short time and has resolved the problem/situation if it were possible to do so. If not, he has given me the information as to why not or what other action that could or would be taken.

At this time, we need his stability and knowledge to get us through this critical period of our growth and the national fiasco that we are experiencing.

I have always found him available when I wanted a face-to-face discussion with him. This is the quality of a very good public servant.

George O. Price
Palm Coast

+ Airport runway to impact only a few; majority won’t benefit
Dear Editor:
Thanks to the benevolence of U.S. Rep. John Mica, we are about to receive $600,000 for an airport runway. Actually, I don’t think we are getting a runway; this largess may only pay for the design of a runway and also somehow pay off the Environmental Protection Agency so we can build said runway on swampland. You have to appease the greenies.

The $600,000 was taken from us in the first place (income tax, etc.), and we are just getting a smidgen of our money returned.

This $600,000 may be stimulus money. I don’t know the difference between stimulus money and government waste, but neither does the president or Mica. I figure this $600,000 boondoggle will impact 3.72% of the Flagler population; the remaining 96.28% could care less, except we would rather not give money to Mica but keep it to spend on luxuries such as food, water and golf.

Please note that I did not rant about the $432 million that Mica is giving to the CXS railroad; it’s just too depressing and painful to write about. I tried to write something, but when I deleted the cussing there wasn’t much left.

Douglas R. Glover
Palm Coast

+ Hasty decision by Flagler Beach to ban doggie dining
Dear Editor:
Flagler Beach has been known as a friendly place, catering to visitors year-round with a casual ambience. The latest Flagler Beach City Commission action banning dogs from outdoor eating areas seems to be based on a hasty decision without sufficient input.

Many towns have made their names by being pet friendly within the bounds of health, cleanliness and prosperity. Mount Dora jumps to mind. You find watering bowls in front of stores, clean-up stations on the corners, and outdoor eating areas where dogs are welcome. Sure seems to help their visitor attractiveness.

In California, you have Carmel by the Sea, a high-end community that is ultra pet-friendly, and they do well in the tourism arena.

Given all the work being done to bring businesses into Flagler County, particularly tourist dollars, it certainly seems this decision should be reevaluated. Many local people throughout Flagler have enjoyed going to Flagler Beach, either to the beach or the Friday and Saturday morning markets, and staying with their pooches. Suddenly, they will be looking for a different place to take their dollars and their dogs.

The Flagler Beach City Commission should reevaluate. The city of Palm Coast and the county should clarify their positions, also. Come on, let’s give that pooch a smooch!

Skipper Hanzel
Palm Coast
Editor’s note: To read more about this story, see Page 9B.

+ Death on Seminole Woods was not the city’s fault
Dear Editor:
Regarding the accident that happened in southern Seminole Woods Boulevard: Officials, people and parents should look at the facts.

On that evening, the kid (under 16) had everything against him: propelling a bicycle late in the darkness, no reflective jacket, no helmet, no tail lamp, no reflector and no light.

It was a regrettable accident, but it was waiting to happen.

In such an accident involving the young, certain individuals without knowing too much have tendency to blame city government officials. 

In this particularly case, no city government officials should have to bear or feel any remorse or responsibilities for this.

Sidewalks, streets lights and an emergency helicopter would not have made any difference.

Parents can impress upon their children the importance of safety.

Dallas Prentice
Palm Coast

+ Matanzas interchange at I-95 unnecessary for Palm Coast
Dear Editor:
The proposed Interstate-95 interchange at Matanzas Woods Parkway is a waste of $28 million.

An interstate interchange between residential neighborhoods and a high school is ludicrous, for it exposes these areas to interstate noise and traffic.

The widening of Matanzas Woods Parkway to four lanes through the same neighborhoods is totally unnecessary.

The obvious beneficiaries of this plan are the developers of properties west of U.S. 1 and those around the interchange. It is time for federal, state, county and city governmental leaders to consider the needs of the residents of Palm Coast and not those of developers whose only motive is monetary gain.

The stated aim of the Florida Department of Transportation and the county is to improve northern emergency access to I-95. This can be simply accomplished by adding a northbound exit and southbound entrance to the present bridge. However, just using U.S. 1 north and the Old Kings Road extension to the U.S. 1/I-95 interchange will place congestion there and not in Palm Coast.

Palm Coast was incorporated so we could control our own destiny; yet the city has no say about the construction of the interchange, which is totally within the boundaries of the city.

Robert Jergel
Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: The following letters were submitted by Lori Scarpa’s Indian Trails Middle School seventh-graders.

+ ‘In my mind, I saw the rubble’
Dear Editor:
The article about 9/11 was touching because it showed how much people cared as they cheered from the overpasses while the motorcyclists rode underneath, to New York City.

The author painted a clear picture in my mind of Ground Zero after 9/11. In my mind, I saw the rubble all
over the ground and the road slowly being uncovered.

It is also wonderful that flags will be flown all over the city Sept. 11 and that one will be kept permanently at Station 24.

Elizabeth Kirkconnell

+ Ready to go to Belk
Dear Editor:
I liked the article, “Tant models for Nautica.” I love the Nautica clothing line at Belk, with its righteous selection. I am psyched for the fall line. Will Tant is also an awesome guy, whom I met once at the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic.

Andrew Wills

+ Smith death tragic
Dear Editor:
Kirt Smith (a 15-year-old who was struck by a car while riding his bicycle and died last month) was a funny, outgoing kid. It’s tragic to lose another amazing person.

I saw we need more sidewalks, anywhere we can put them. Kirt’s death puts a strike of lightning in your head. R.I.P.

Daria Harbater

+ Joey McCarrick inspires
Dear Editor:
In “Destiny Speaks,” Joey McCarrick shows a lot of determination by getting up the courage to audition for “The Voice.” I could never do it! And now he’s in the Top 25 in Orlando!

Destiny McCarrick and Mike Stevens also showed determination by living through their tragic accident.

Emmalee Kenny

+ Destiny’s story ‘heart-filling’
Dear Editor:
“Destiny Speaks” was heart-filling. Reading this makes you think what other people are going through. It taught me that I could do anything.

Daniel Thomas

+ Teacher cuts hurt students
Dear Editor:
They should stop making budget cuts and cutting teachers. Education is important for each and every student. When we get budget cuts and lose teachers, the students get behind.

Gabriella Luciano

+ Cut extra superintendents
Dear Editor:
Instead of getting rid of teachers, we should get rid of the extra superintendent or janitor. Most of the teachers pay from their own money for the fun projects because the budget can’t afford them.

We would be fine with one less counselor or superintendent. Hardly any of the kids go to the counselors or superintendents.

Riley Tirrell

+ Drivers should be more careful
Dear Editor:
“Teen’s death sparks paths petition” was inspiring and heartbreaking.

When someone’s life is cut short, it teaches a moral. All the cars and their drivers should be more careful.

It was heartbreaking because the person who was in the crash was only 15. It reminds us that there are other people out there.

If Mayor Jon Netts refuses the sidewalks, then people need to take back the thousands of tax dollars people already pay for the city.

Kenneth Davis



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