Video games and muscles? You better believe it.

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All through high school and college, most of my time was dedicated to school, soccer and working. I barely had four hours per day to devote to playing video games with my buddies.

(Everyone has a little nerd in them, right?)

Now that I have a big boy job, there isn’t too much time for video games. Or at least there isn’t supposed to be!

But I still find ways to fit them in. I know I could probably be doing way more productive things in my life at 23 years old, but I still haven’t let go of that part of me yet.

About two weeks ago, on a Monday, I was dreading going to the gym. I don’t go there much — just on Mondays for cross-training, because of the marathon training I am doing right now.

I stalled, along with my roommate, Joel, as we tried to find excuses for staying home.

We had plenty.

My throat is sore. Joel didn’t eat much that day. I have stories to write. It’s too far of a drive. (It’s less than a mile.)

We both stared blankly at the TV. It wasn’t turned on, but it was just begging us to fire it up — and the XBOX 360 — and play some video games.

We folded. Video games it was.

But wait! I had a plan …

We decided that we wanted to play a baseball game. The playoffs were about to start, and we wanted to dominate people online.

So we made a deal.

Every time I got a hit, Joel had to do 10 pushups. When I struck out a batter, he had to do five pull-ups.

By the time we finished two games, I had done more than 250 pushups and more than 50 pullups. It was unbelievable. I was so sore the next day.

I think Joel and I finally proved that video games can be productive — and healthy.

And if we can come up with a more dedicated process, I think our workout can contend with the likes of P90X, Jillian Michaels and Insanity!

For those of you who are tech nerds, follow @PCObserver on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting from the sidelines at the Matanzas football game Friday, Oct. 7.



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